Price List

Tutorial and Lesson Prices

It is entirely up to the student how often they wish to have lessons, but I recommend at least 2 lessons per-week.

All prices are given per-hour, however most students prefer to book for an 1½ hour lessons.

All lessons are bespoke and continually tailored to meet the needs of the student.

Get in touch at or through the contact page.

English as a foreign Language – Online

I offer lessons for non-native speakers online for £10 per-hour per-person. Normally this is 1:1 lessons in order for me to tailor the material to your own level and needs. If you would like to be tutored in a pair/small group or for exam prep, please get in touch for those prices separately.

English As a Foreign Language – In Person

I offer in person lessons for non-natives speakers at a starting price of £15 per hour per person due to travelling times and distance. Currently due to Covid-19 restrictions I am unable to offer in-person lessons unless you are within my vicinity. If this is the case, please get in touch regarding prices if you urgently require in-person tutorials. If you would like to be tutored in a pair/small group or for exam prep contact me for those prices separately.

Italian/Spanish – Online/In Person

I now offer lessons in Italian and Spanish online at £10 per-hour per-person or in person at £15 per-hour per-person. I can teach basic language skills to prepare you for a holiday or get you started for taking a course or even an exam.


Depending on whether you wish to have lessons in person or online, I offer block-bookings so you can have lessons as the same time every week, or multiple times per week. This would require payment upfront for the allotted lessons but does give a 10% discount. E.g. If you book 10 online lessons at £10 per-hour per-person then you would only pay £90 and be guaranteed the time slot of your choice.

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