About Me

Hi! My name is Eliza, I’m from Glasgow, Scotland and I’m a language enthusiast and teacher.

Like many, I studied French at high school and while I can still manage basic conversations, I’m not fluent. However, it was my gateway language, and opened the floodgates of me realising I could learn languages…

For Christmas 2005, I’d decided that Italian was the language I wanted to pursue for myself, and my padre gifted me the Italian copy of Hugo in Three Months with the CDs. I spent the Christmas Holidays studying away in the kitchen, with such memorable gems as Mary Branson è americana and Ecco il mio passaporto. Happy days indeed.

In 2006, I studied Intermediate 1 Italian at an FE College two bus journeys away. I stayed there for the following year and jumped to Higher Italian, resat Higher French, and added on Intermediate 1 Spanish.

Many years later, I’d taken several evening classes at a university in town while doing other college courses during the day. I’m a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades and have a myriad of interests.

The biggest surprise might be then that in 2012 I started at the University of Aberdeen doing… Spanish. I graduated in 2017 with an MA in Hispanic Studies and lived abroad in Granada, Spain in 2014. While there I picked up a B2 and a C1 certificate in Italian!

I’ve also gained a 120 hour TEFL certificate, a 40 hour Teaching Online TEFL certificate and currently completing a 40 hour course in Teaching Children.

I have taught English for over five years now to many different people; from Iran and India, to Georgia, Lithuania, China, and Venezuela. I’m experienced in and comfortable with teaching all ages and confidence levels. I am easy-going and thanks to my own experience living abroad, I’m well aware of just how nerve-wracking it can be even to ask for tutoring help.

I tutor native English speakers who may be struggling with grammar, spelling, or reading, including those with dyslexia. Sometimes one-to-one tuition is more helpful for those who find learning in a big classroom difficult for many reasons.

I usually offer lessons online or in-person, but due to the Covid-19 situation most lessons are online only. Exceptions may be possible. Please check the prices page or get in touch to discuss your preferred arrangements.

I’m here to help!