5 Italian Songs

Since the advent of Youtube and Spotify there is a whole world of foreign language songs available worldwide, but sometimes knowing where to start can be difficult! So, as a new feature I’ll post my top 5 songs that I’ve been listening to each month; some old, some contemporary but varied enough to suit most tastes. Plus, music is always great for learning new vocabulary.

  1. Kiss Me Licia – Cristina D’Avena ft. Baby K

This song is ridiculously catchy, and it turns out because it’s adapted from the theme song of the Italian version (Love me Licia) of the Japanese manga Ai Shite Knight. D’Avena also played the main character Licia in the subsequent live-action series of the show in Italy. The song also features Baby K, expect more of her from me – she’s amazing!

2. Il sole al mondo – Bianca Atzei

This is a wonderful, powerful ballad and I can see this being on my karaoke list in the future!

3. Come un’ora fa – Giusy Ferreri

Every song this woman sings is a classic… but this one has been on repeat for me lately.

4. 13 Buone Ragioni – Zucchero

A nice catchy song to get you up dancing! The lyrics are fairly simple and hilarious.

5. Le Feste di Pablo – CARA ft. Fedez

This was my song of the summer last year… the sound of being in lockdown but wishing I was lying in a pool in Italy. It will stick in your brain… you’ve been warned.

Let me know if you like these songs and what songs have you had on repeat lately!

A prossimo,

e x


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